When and How Often Should You Schedule Carpet Sanitisation?

If you own a home or office, you understand that, even with regular surface cleaning of your carpets, you might still deal with odours and stains that won’t go away. This is where carpet sanitisation comes in. This highly effective deep cleaning method is a necessity for keeping your home or office as clean as possible.

But how often should you schedule carpet sanitisation in Auckland? Read on as the experts from Carpet Surgeon review the specifics of this deep cleaning method, including the benefits of regular sanitisation and factors that should influence the frequency. Let’s dive in.

What is Carpet Sanitisation?

Carpet sanitisation – also known as carpet disinfection – is the process of deep-cleaning a carpet to remove deep-set stains, odours, bacteria and microbes. As all roads lead to Rome, all dirt in your home eventually ends up in the carpet. Over time, this turns carpets into a breeding ground for potentially harmful micro-organisms.

Professional carpet cleaning companies tackle this task in several ways. At Carpet Surgeon, our process begins with a thorough inspection to determine any problem areas. From there, we vacuum and pre-treat the carpet to remove all surface-level contaminants. Next comes the steam cleaning, where we use a hot water extraction system.

Steam cleaning a carpet shoots steam all the way down to the base of the pile, vaporising volatile organic compounds. Carpets are fabric, meaning they absorb these pollutants. Dry treatments aren’t as effective in removing these deep-set contaminants, but steam cleaning with hot water soaks the fibres to remove them from the fabric.

Think of it like running clothes through a washing machine on a hot cycle. The combination of heat, steam, water, and cleaning agents creates a perfect balance that eliminates all residual contaminants.

How Often Should You

Sanitise Carpets?

Most carpet manufacturers recommend a weekly surface clean and an annual deep clean with a sanitising pass. As experts in carpet sanitisation Auckland-wide, we know some factors warrant more frequent deep cleans. 

These include:

·        Pet ownership. Pets shed plenty of hair and dander, which can spell trouble for carpet owners. Despite regular surface cleans, dander and microbes from pets will embed themselves in the deepest layers of the carpet pile. Regular sanitisation helps manage this.

·        Children. Children are messy, and as they enjoy playing, they will likely track in dirt or create stains in the home. Their immune systems are also more vulnerable to disease, which is why we recommend sanitising your carpet more frequently if you have little ones.

·        Family allergies. If someone in your home has allergies, regular sanitisation can help remove embedded allergens and dampen their reactions at home.

·        Location. For rooms with high foot traffic or rooms closer to the outside of the house, we recommend more frequent sanitisations to keep up with incoming dirt and microbes.

·        Building use. Offices tend to benefit from more frequent sanitisation, as the sheer amount of foot traffic and the variety of pathogen origins can create a harmful microbial cocktail in the carpet pile.

In these cases, we recommend sanitising your carpet every quarter to help preserve its colour, quality and cleanliness.

Benefits of Regular Carpet Sanitisation

Regularly sanitising your carpets has many benefits, especially if the majority of your home’s floors are carpeted.

·        Deep stain removal. Stains that have set over weeks and months are tough to remove, but sanitising steams them out, bringing your carpets close to their original colour.

·        Odour removal. Lingering odours are a real problem for homeowners with pets or children, as the stains can build up over time. Deep cleans remove lingering odours!

·        Indoor air quality improvement. A cleaner carpet improves indoor air quality, as deep-set dander and allergens don’t move into the air with every step.

·        Harmful allergen removal. For anyone who deals with hay fever or other persistent allergies, regularly sanitising carpets can help remove allergens buried in the carpet.

·        Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Microbes and bacteria buried in the base of the carpet can proliferate when left to their own devices, so regular sanitising helps eliminate these harmful disease carriers.

The key is to choose the right company for your carpet sanitisation. Some companies use standard cleaning chemicals, which can introduce harsh chemicals into your carpet. We recommend the use of sustainable carpet-cleaning products to deep clean the fabric effectively without counteracting the benefits with harsh, environmentally damaging cleaners.

Finding time for full carpet sanitisation can be tricky, so we also offer an effective steam-cleaning method to clean and sanitise carpets thoroughly. This ensures they are free of harmful microbes while tackling deep-set stains and lingering odours.

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