carpet sanitisation in auckland

A germ-free carpet for an illness-free home

If you have pets or children bringing dirt inside the house, or fallen food particles, your carpets can quickly become a breeding ground for microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. These germs can cause a range of health problems to the occupants of the house or employees at an office over time. 

To avoid this, you should always get your carpets professionally cleaned and sanitised. At the Carpet Surgeon, we undertake any type of carpet cleaning in Auckland. Our steam cleaning method is methodical and thorough, ensuring not only that your carpets are free of microbes but also that they are safe for the environment, since we only use eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

Cleaning, repairs & more carpet services for Auckland

As a team of carpet specialists, we undertake a variety of jobs. Besides virus and bacteria sanitisation, we use our state-of-the-art steam cleaning technique for stain removal and general deep cleaning. If you have rugs in your house or office, we also recommend getting them cleaned regularly to ensure their long term health. For your couches, we offer upholstery cleaning services.

We also undertake a range of carpet repairs in Auckland like fixing carpet seams, re-stretching, relaying and replacement. Carpet Surgeon can also help fix carpets with flood damage, as well as install a garage carpet, enabling you to use the extra space efficiently.

carpet cleaning services

We tackle a range of common New Zealand carpet troubles like carpet stain removal and sanitisation with our deep steam cleaning method



Eliminating germs from carpets, upholstery, underlays and even the flooring below. This carpet and upholstery cleaning service uses hospital grade virus and bacteria treatments

our environment.

As an environmentally responsible company we focus on sustainability. We actively pursue eco-friendly alternatives and utilise biodegradable solutions and low allergen options in our steam cleaning approach. Our products are safe for your family, pets and allergies and are better for our precious environment.

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