carpet repairs in auckland

We truly are the carpet patch experts.

We specialise in both residential and commercial carpet repair work in Auckland. Sometimes steam cleaning or spot treatments are not appropriate when trying to remedy wore or damaged carpet.

Repairs are a great alternative when the carpet is so badly damaged that stains can no longer be removed adequately by cleaning even with deep steam carpet cleaning.

Save money by having your carpet repaired and not replaced.  We specialise in all size jobs from tiny burn marks to large room patches.

Essential to a great patch repair is ensuring the carpet grain is running in the right direction and the colour, traffic wear and tension are expertly corrected.

Our fully qualified team of technician can offer you a range services from invisible or near invisible replacement carpet patches, carpet sewing, seam join repairs, squeaky floor uplift carpet relay, carpet re-stretching.

We can fix any type of carpet and any form of damage with our expert team of technicians.

We use the latest carpet repair equipment technology and up-to date methods in our repair procedures.

Most repairs are completed with eco-friendly technology using fume free glues.

Carpet Patch

A carpet repair is a great option when your carpet is in great condition, but you have a few areas that are damaged. 

A carpet patch repair is an excellent option when you have a number of carpet issues such as burn marks from fire, long term pet soiling and damage, pot plant moulding, pulled threads, iron burns, general mould, roller chair wear and tear, biohazard stains such as urine and facies, old stains that cannot clean out, loose stairs or rises and high traffic wear.

In some cases where there is no spare carpet in the form of mats, we can take a small piece of carpet from the back of a wardrobe or cupboard to use to do the near invisible repair.  We then replace the wardrobe gap with a small piece of generic carpet.

Pet soiling, biohazards, stubborn old stains, and unpleasant odours can be successfully removed by utilising a carpet patch or repair.

Seam Join Repairs

Seam repairs are necessary when carpet is pulling away from join in a high traffic area, doorway, or seam.  Or where there is a tear or frayed area.

Left unrepaired it can get worse over time, compromising your carpet and causing a trip hazard.

At the Carpet Surgeon we utilise our cutting edge, odourless and low-allergen glue technology join the seams.  We trim, stretch, heat bond and re-seam your carpet back together.

No seam join is too large or too small for us.

Carpet Re-stretch

Re-stretching carpet is a great way to resolve lumpy, rippling, or loose carpet.   Over time carpet can start to loosen and cause areas to delaminate or tear.  This can be dangerous as it can develop into a trip hazard and a safety risk to the elderly, children and animals. 

Rippling can also cause carpet to unevenly wear resulting in the need to replace carpet sooner.

By re-stretching the carpet and smoothing out the bumps you prevent this deterioration, uneven soiling, and trip hazard.  Re-stretching the carpet back to the correct tension is the best way to ensure the environment is safe within both the home and workplace.

We can professionally stretch and relay the carpet back into place, so it looks just like new.

Carpet Relay

At the Carpet Surgeon we specialise in all forms of carpet relays. 

From reinstating carpet back up after a flood, joining to new wood/tile flooring, new layout renovations, newly installed fireplaces or changing configurations of rooms.  We do it all with our team of highly adaptable and trained technicians.

All relays are completed to industry standard and utilise our cutting-edge technology.

Squeaky Floor Uplift and Relay

Squeaky or creaky floorboards can be an annoyance and keep you up at night.

At the Carpet Surgeon we can uplift your existing carpet, fit down any floorboards that are creating the disturbing sound with an industry approved screw system then stretch and relay you carpet back down like new.

Our team of cross-trade experts are highly qualified to provide you with the best workmanship.

Carpet Replacement

Call to discuss our bespoke carpet replacement service. 

Best in situations when it becomes to expensive to repair very damaged or aging carpet.

Our qualified assessor can inspect, advise, measure and quote any area from a single room to a large commercial space.  We work with all carpet manufacturers and commercial carpet tile suppliers.

Innovative Technology and Equipment

Our repair technology is so advanced you’ll call it iRepairing.

Quality Products

Cutting edge technology and odourless glue systems

Bespoke Service

Our bespoke customer service approach means we see no two jobs are ever alike.  Your carpet issue is evaluated and remedied based on your needs.

Qualified Technicians

Our technicians are multi skilled, highly trained professionals. Trained within our in-house bespoke carpet cleaning and repair “school”.