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Our technicians are trained to take extra care of your carpet and to ensure it is healthy and minimise its wear.  We will offer you a range of cleaning methods specific to what might suit the type of carpet you have and your specific cleaning requirements, whether it is a general clean and sanitisation, or a spot treatment.

Our highly trained technicians are experts at treating a range of stains with an array of specific solutions.  We have proven experience with nail polish, food stains, mud, red wine, chewing gum, make-up and many more. Our technicians are also fully trained to work with pet stains and biohazards.

Stain treatment is an advanced field which requires training and knowledge of stains, chemical solutions, and chemical reactions. It also requires knowledge of different carpet compounds to ensure the right solution is chosen for your carpet.

We employ the latest methods, equipment and chemicals to ensure we remain above industry standards in all stain treatments in Auckland.

Our Stain Treatment Process

Our team, comprising some of the top specialists in carpet cleaning Auckland has to offer, follows all professional industry standards in our stain treatments.

First, we do a full inspection of areas to be spot treated, followed by a health and safety audit. At this point, we discuss the process with the client and any specific areas of concern or solution preferences.

Then we decide if the stain can likely be cleaned or if it might require a carpet repair instead.

We proceed to remove any residual solids or stain on the surface – this might be blotting, lightly scrapping, or softly collecting any remaining contents. We then treat the stain with the necessary chemical solution and rinse, followed by a deep clean of all the areas. Our machine is designed to place hot steam water into the pile of the carpet and then the suction extracts it from deep in the pile.

We then review the job with you, ensuring all health, safety and drying instructions are outlined.

At this point, if the stain is not adequately removed, we can repair the area with a carpet patch.

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We tackle a range of common New Zealand carpet troubles like carpet stain removal and sanitisation with our deep steam cleaning method



Eliminating germs from carpets, upholstery, underlays and even the flooring below. This carpet and upholstery cleaning service uses hospital grade virus and bacteria treatments

our environment.

As an environmentally responsible company we focus on sustainability. We actively pursue eco-friendly alternatives and utilise biodegradable solutions and low allergen options in our steam cleaning approach. Our products are safe for your family, pets and allergies and are better for our precious environment.

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