Our comprehensive approach removes dirt, stains, and grime while providing an attractive polished finish. The Carpet Surgeon can help remove even the deepest stains.

Ask about regular rejuvenation services or book an emergency clean now.

Protect your quality furniture by ensuring it remains clean and in good condition with our professional leather couch cleaning service. We provide cleaning and rejuvenation services to keep your leather upholstery in top shape, regardless of age.

Whether in a lounge or a waiting room, your furniture can be subject to substantial usage and naturally experience significant wear and tear. In addition to collecting body oils, allergens, and skin cells, they will likely attract everyday stains and emergency spills.

Because of leather’s unique properties, it requires regular care to maintain its softness. Allowing your couch to dry out over time increases the likelihood of cracks and other damage, so upkeep is essential to keep your leather pieces looking their best.

Cleaning and rejuvenating leather furniture is a specialist skill. This process requires technical know-how, professional equipment, and quality cleaning materials to ensure your cleaning method doesn’t further damage your leather.

The Carpet Surgeon team provides superior service and are experts across even the most complex projects. We deliver outstanding results for all your leather furniture cleaning requirements.

Quality Leather Treatments

Looking for more than a clean? Some people don’t realise that leather couches can be rejuvenated, even when they look like they have passed the point of no return. With the right technique, even severely lined, UV-damaged, worn leather sofas can be restored to their former glory, allowing you to enjoy soft, supple seating once again.

Our professional restoration process rejuvenates old or tired leather furniture suffering from prolonged use to look new once again.

Our Process

Cleaning leather upholstery requires technical skill and a commitment to care. Our staff is trained to identify the type of leather, its chemical properties, and the framing’s construction. This allows us to create a dedicated cleaning plan that ensures the highest standard of protection and preservation.

We strive to deliver effective and efficient results, using rapid, thorough methods and materials that reduce downtime. We don’t use harmful chemicals, reducing toxicity in your environment and avoiding stripping the surface of your couch and creating lasting damage to the leather.


When you work with us, you can expect the following service:

  • Furniture inspection: The first step is thoroughly examining your leather item. We will note the leather’s type, quality, age, and colour.
  • Spot treatments: We will treat any specific problem areas, such as stubborn stains, for best results.
  • Deep cleaning: Using our specialised equipment, we will perform a deep clean that pierces through the buildup of dirt and oil and extracts it. 
  • Final check: We want to leave you with an outcome that exceeds your expectations. After cleaning, we always complete a final inspection to ensure the results meet our gold standards. 

Our Leather Cleaning Services

We deliver exceptional solutions to common mattress cleaning issues using our effective deep steam cleaning method.

Fabric Protection

Our careful treatment will protect your leather furniture and prolong its life.

Leather Rejuvenation

Breathe new life into worn or faded leather furniture with our dedicated rejuvenation services.

Stain Removal

Let our professionals eliminate stains caused by food, drink, body oils, pets and more.

our environment.

As an environmentally responsible company we focus on sustainability. We actively pursue eco-friendly alternatives and utilise biodegradable solutions and low allergen options in our steam cleaning approach. Our products are safe for your family, pets and allergies and are better for our precious environment.

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