Rug cleaning in auckland

The Carpet Surgeon offers a professional rug cleaning service with a pickup and drop off options if required.

Professionally steamed cleaning you rug, runner or mats will remove intrenched soiling, dirt, and allergens, which will add length of life and make a healthier home. 

Due to their positioning in the home or office environment, rugs tend to receive high levels of foot traffic.  This means they swiftly become dirty. 

By having your rugs professionally steam cleaned with the Carpet Surgeon we can revive them back to life.

Our fully qualified technicians will inspect your rug first for care instructions, then based on the construction and type of rug will provide you with a solution specific to your rug’s construction. 

Steam cleaning is the most preferred method of rug, runner, and mat cleaning.  Steam cleaning is a process whereby steam and hot water are pumped into the pile of the rug under high pressure.  At the same time a strong suction vacuum system extracts this with dirt residue out. This method is beneficial as it removes deeply lodged allergens and dirt. 

We also actively pursue eco-friendly alternatives and utilise biodegradable cleaning solutions and low allergen options in our steam cleaning approach. Our products are safe for your family, pets and allergies and are better for our precious environment.

Our priority is to treat your precious oriental, modern, or shaggy rugs with the greatest of care to bring them back to life.  And offer a solution that best fits your rug.


Santiziation – Virus and Bacterial Treatments

At the Carpet Surgeon we have a comprehensive package of options to remedy strong odour and bacterial or viral concerns.

Our sanitization service can remove strong unwanted and unpleasant smells.  Weather it be from a biohazard or other forms of long-term damage.  We review each situation as being unique and resolve it accordingly. 

At times, a sanitization and clean is sufficient.  Other times we may need to uplift an area, remove underlay, clean the top and bottom of the carpet, sanitize wooden skirting and flooring. 

Our fully qualified team are experienced to resolve all kinds of odour issues and ensure the area is sanitized, clean and healthy.

We also utilise a hospital grade virus and bacterial treatment that is safe and effective to use on carpet and upholstery.  It is also effective against the virus Covid-19.


Qualified Technicians

Our technicians are multi skilled, highly trained professionals. Holding internationally recognised qualifications and trained within our in-house bespoke carpet cleaning and repair “school”.

Innovative Technology and Equipment

Our cleaning technology is so advance you’ll call it iCleaning.

Quality Products

We offer sustainability, eco-friendly alternatives and utilise biodegradable solutions and low allergen options in our cleaning process. We also offer hospital grade bacterial and virus sanitization.

Bespoke Service

Our bespoke customer service approach sees no two jobs are ever alike. Your carpet issue is evaluated and remedied based on your needs.