Expert Strategies for Effective Carpet Stain Removal in Auckland

We’ve all had it happen. One moment, all is right with the world; the next, there’s a massive stain on your carpet. This can be a real headache, especially if you don’t have the equipment and chemicals to eradicate the stain in your home.

As the experts in carpet stain removal Auckland-wide, we’re here to help. Today, we’re reviewing the top three household stains we see and providing expert strategies for managing them with what you have at home – until we can get to you. 

Read on to learn more about removing pet, grease, and red wine stains from your carpet.

For Pet Owners

In 2020, Companion Animals in New Zealand released a report that showed our country’s love of pets is as strong as ever. By their estimate, nearly two-thirds of Kiwi households have at least one companion animal.

This translates to around two-thirds of Aucklanders likely having had to deal with pet stains on their carpets at some stage. These can be tough and stubborn stains to remove, especially once dried, and the smell is generally quite unpleasant.

If you only have access to everyday pantry items, baking soda or white vinegar diluted with water can help spot and treat pet stains on the carpet. If you have more time and money to spare, investing in a carpet cleaning solution with an odour eliminator is a good way to tackle these stains.

The most important thing is never to use bleach on animal leavings. These kinds of stains contain ammonia, which can create toxic fumes when combined with bleach.

Eliminating animal stains at home will usually take a few attempts, and this is difficult if you have to manage accidents like this often (puppies and senior dogs are not the best with bladder control). 

If you’re looking for a deep clean to rid your house of dried ‘accidents’, we recommend calling our professional team to get the job done right. Carpet Surgeon comes equipped with enzymatic cleaners that break down the bacteria in the stain, removing both the stain and the odour.

For Busy Families – Grease Stains

Let’s face it – greasy food can be a delicious treat. Whether you’re getting takeout pizza, fish and chips, or whipping up hashbrowns at home, indulging in some grease-filled deliciousness every once in a while is worth it. It’s especially good at the end of a long week when cooking is the last thing you feel like doing!

Unfortunately, where there’s grease, there’s the potential for annoyingly stubborn stains. Grease soaks immediately into your carpet pile, beginning to solidify into fat almost instantly. The key to addressing a grease stain is to act quickly. Don’t rush for stain remover! Instead, dilute some dish soap with warm water and gently blot at the stain to remove the grease bit by bit at a time. In many cases, this will be enough to remove minor grease stains.

For larger, more stubborn stains, you will need professional help. As the experts for carpet stain removal in Auckland, we’ve removed plenty of grease stains. Grease spills are notoriously difficult to remove with household-grade chemicals without damaging the carpet at the same time. We recommend calling a team for professional spot removal for stains that won’t come out after a good blotting.

For Lovers of a Good Drink – Red Wine

A glass of red wine and a good book are great ways to unwind after a long week, but occasionally things can go wrong. An upended glass of red wine can induce real panic, especially on lighter carpets. Never fear; there are ways to prevent wine stains from becoming permanent.

First, grab a paper towel and dab away as much liquid as possible. The less liquid there is, the less the stain will spread, helping to isolate the problem. Then, cover the stain in white vinegar or—if you have it—white wine to neutralise the red and purple pigments.

Unfortunately, most store-bought stain removers are more likely to set the red wine stain than totally remove it. So, resist the temptation! If the white vinegar does not remove the stain, continue to gently dab with warm dish soap and allow it to dry. If the stain remains, then it’s time to call in the professionals. This is especially likely on light carpets, which show stains much better than darker ones.

When in doubt, we always recommend calling our team of experts for a consultation. Not only do we have years of experience with every kind of stain under the sun, but we also use ultra-effective, environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals. In cases where stains are soaked in and cannot be removed, we also offer spot-patching to breathe life back into your carpets.

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