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4 Reasons to Include The Carpet in Your Spring Cleaning Schedule

Spring is on the horizon and if you’re someone who likes their home spotless and tidy at all times, this is your time to, pardon the pun, shine. As you get ready for spring cleaning, and a bit of post lockdown cleaning if you are in Auckland, here are some reasons why you need to include an often ignored part of the house: the carpet.

1. Winters are harsh on carpets

It’s hard out there (or should we say, in there) being a carpet in a New Zealand winter. The unpredictability of the weather and the increased time spent indoors means your carpet and couches go through a lot over the colder months. Mud, dust, allergens and other debris accumulate on carpets, which are unsanitary and can cause health problems for your family.

2. Constant use calls for professional help

With kids and adults spending longer indoors, your carpet is bound to see its fair share of spills and stains. While some of these can be DIY jobs, it’s always a good idea to get the carpet professionally cleaned at the end of the season. Deep cleaning – by way of pre-spraying, steam cleaning and deodorising –  ensures your carpet looks good and lasts longer.

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3. Cleaning too costly? Replacement is worse

If you ignore professional carpet cleaning for too long, your carpet will reach a point of no return, and your only choice will be to replace it entirely. This will be a lot more expensive than what a timely job by professional carpet cleaners would have cost you.

4. Everyone loves warmer days, even carpets

Whether you’re planning to host family and friends or heading out to the beach, knowing that your freshly cleaned carpet or sofa will dry faster in the hot weather is sure to give you peace of mind.

Roll up your sleeves, but leave the carpet to us

As professional cleaners, we understand that for some people, spring cleaning can be quite therapeutic. For some others, it’s another chore. Either way, some jobs are better left to experts. Carpet Surgeon’s comprehensive cleaning process ensures your carpet and upholstery stay spotless and remain in great condition for a long time. We service Auckland wide and our team of experts would love to help you out this spring.